Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today we did a Science experiment to test if a mysterious material was a solid or a liquid. Many of the kids wanted to show you at home so here is the recipe. I have also uploaded the pages we used today to my teacher site in case you want to do the tests. Have a great long weekend!

2 cups Cornstarch
1 cup water
Some drops of food colouring
Stir and test!

~Miss Dent :)

This Week at School

This week at school we got our frisbees from the recycled plastic bags. The frisbees are different colours. There are a lot of frisbees. We delivered them to each class. We went in pairs to deliver them.

This week at school we are doing an experiment today. We do not know what it is yet because we didn't do it yet. We know the topic is solids and liquids and gases. We think we will use some solids, liquids and gases.

This week at school it was Carter Y's birthday. He is turning 7 tomorrow but we don't have school tomorrow. We celebrated today.

~Miss Dent's Class :

Once it was a Plastic Bag

You have heard about our plastic bag project, we collected over 4800 plastic bags from our community and sent them in to be recycled. This week we got our bags back but... now they are frisbees! We have enough to give one to each classroom for recess equipment, 14 to the gym for Phys Ed classes to use and one for each of us to keep! Check them out.

Friday, November 12, 2010

This Week at School

This week at school we made plastecine poppies. We smeared plastecine to cover the paper. We drew a hole in the middle so we knew where not to put the red and where to put the black.

This week at school the big plastic garbage bags got picked up. There were two guys who picked them up. Miss Dent video taped them walking out the door.

This week at school we started Daily 5. We learned Read to Self and Read to Someone. Daily 5 is about reading and writing. When we read to someone we sit EEKK. EEKK means elbow to elbow, knee to knee.

~ Miss Dent's Class :)