Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Our Great Community Walk!

Today we went on a walk to explore our community and look closely at the things we have in our community.

When we started the walk we saw lots of things like the mailboxes and we saw the bank and a lot of stuff. -Shelby

WE had partners and mine was Ryann. We carried the clipboards and the pencil and wrote lots of stuff on the paper. -Matea

On the walk we saw lots of big trucks and we walked to Sobey's and there were lots of acorns on the ground. -Andrew

On the walk we passed my dad's work when we were heading to the park. He works at a chiropractor.  -Dyson

We saw my friends work. It's by Jonesy's. It's a dentist. On the way before I saw my friends work, we saw some acorns. -Ashley

I saw lots of Ford trucks. -Karsten

Then we started heading to the park and we played there for about 20 minutes or so. -Ryann

So we found two hundred or two thousand acorns so that was fun doing our walk because we got to play at the end at Quarry Park. -Alex

We went to the park and I went on the swing and then after that we looked at lots of acorns. I picked up lots too. -Karsten

When we were heading to the park I saw a lot of cool stuff and I saw a car getting fixed. -Shelby

Friday, September 11, 2015

Our Exciting First Week at School

On our first day it felt like a very, very short day. -Shelby

On the second day of school we had gym and library. -Dyson

This week at school me and Ms. Lefko read "The Little Red Pen." It was great!! -Marley

At gym it was awesome because we did fun activities like some games. -Ryann

This week at school we had gym and we had math and the math was very fun because we coloured and we wrote it out ourselves. -Andrew

At our first week of grade 2, I liked colouring the t-shirts. -Rylee

At school this week we met a new girl named Marley! She is a nice girl. We are happy that she is in our class! -Ashley

We had fun this week at school because we did lots of art work. -Karsten

Our first week of school was awesome because we went to gym, I love gym. -Matea

We had a lovely time on the first day of school. We met our new friends. -Sawyer

The new girl that came into our class, we were friends right away! -Isla

At recess I had fun playing with my friends this week. We played football and soccer. -Adam

Thursday, September 10, 2015

It Only Takes One || Be Someone's Hero

Welcome back! We have had a great start to grade 2 this year already!

A common theme we like to focus on at our school is the idea the it only takes one person to make a difference. By doing one simple, kind thing for someone else we can change their day and send a ripple of kindness around. We talk about this a lot at school and especially in our assemblies when we are all together.

Yesterday at our Welcome Back assembly, Mrs. Palamar showed us a great video from the oh-so-entertaining Kid President. He always has the best messages and delivers them so well! There were so many great quotes to take away from this video, we will definitely be watching it again in the future. Here is the video for you to check out and some of our favorite and most important quotes!

"You have everything right now to change the world."

"Heroes are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They inspire other people to be extraordinary."

"If you want to be awesome, treat people awesome."

"It’s about compassion; there is nothing stronger than that."

"You just need to care."

"You have everything that you need to make someone’s day more awesome."

"Someone may never have told you this, but I promise it’s true; the world needs heroes and that hero could be you."