Flood Watch 2011!

Welcome to our Flood Watch 2011!

Here we will have our guest bloggers, Ms. Martens' Class, keep us up-to-date with what is going on in their neck of the woods during the Manitoba flood.
Ms. Martens - since you will add to this page each time you post (instead of starting a new post), please start with the date and end with the blogger's name each time you post so we can easily see what is new. We hope you will also post photos to show us what you see! Start your first post below the Google Earth maps. Have fun!
~Mrs. Dent Scarcello:)

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Ms. Martens Class, Our Guest Bloggers

May 18 - I went fishing in the ditch with my dad. There are fish in the ditch because of the flood. I caught three fish. One of them was huge. They are carp fish. - Carl

May 17 - The bridge is open. We can drive over the bridge again. - Desiree

May 16 - Watch the web cam.  They are taking down the dike!!
- Faith

May 6 - Bryce came back May 6.  I am really glad that he came back. - Zander

May 4 - I am back at home.  I have to boat to the road.  The boat ride was bumpy. - Abby

May 2 - Bryce can't come to school anymore because the road from St. Jean to Morris is covered in water.  - Stanley
May 2 - Morris Bridge

May 2 - Where is the road? 

April 27 - Thanks for letting us know! That is a really neat story. We would also like to ask Aylie to be careful. We think it is dangerous to drive through the flood water.

April 27 - Hi Mrs. Dent Scarcello's class.  This is a very good question.  The fish do swim everywhere. During the last flood the river ran into someone's pond.  When the water receded the fish from the river ended up in the pond. They had alot more fish.

April 25 - Hi Ms. Martens' Class! We have a question for you. We are talking about what the fish do during a flood. Our question is, do the fish from the river swim anywhere there is water during a flood? Or, do the fish from the river know where the river is and stay there?
17 of us think the fish swim everywhere the water goes.
3 of us think the fish know where the river is and stay there.
-Mrs. Dent Scarcello's Class

April 25 - Abby can't come to school because her road is covered in water. She is living in Steinbach now. When we go to the city we have to take a different road. - Andrew

When I drove to Lowe Farm the road was covered in water. We drove through the water. - Aylie

I went to see my Grandma in Manitou and the water is high there too. - Matteo

April 25 - The dike is closed

Someone boating along the river.

The river is rising.

April 20 - I went to the dike with my dad. My dad holds signs to direct the traffic. - Carl

I went to see the bridge and the water is really high. - Jill

When I went to swimming lessons, I saw the water on the road and the tires almost touched the water. - Avery

April 20 - The water is rising.

The water is just about over the bridge.

April 18 - 2:30 pm  They are closing the dike by the bridge.  Our bus will have to go another way to get us home. - Sjusen

April 18 - They are closing the dike into Morris.

April 13 - Yesterday I walked to the bridge with my parents. We could still drive over the bridge.  I did see a road covered with water. - Tylan

I live in St. Jean.  The bridge is closed, but I don't use the bridge to get to my house. The water is almost on the bridge. - Bryce 

April 13 - Going North on Hwy 75.

Notice how close the water is to the bridge.