Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Goodbye Friend, We Miss You!

Our friend Araya moved to Vancouver Island this month. We really miss her. We recorded these video clips on her last day using my iPhone. Alyssa P put the video together using the iMovie app. Hopefully Araya will watch this and remember us and maybe even call us on Skype!

Goodbye Araya from LeslieDent on Vimeo.

iClassroom {iMovie}

I can't believe I forgot to post this! This video was created on an iPod using the iMovie app. It is incredibly easy to use and then share. The video was all taken using my iPhone at Dance in the Park, enjoy!

Dancing In The Park from LeslieDent on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

portfolieos and the last day of school

this week we are getting redy for the last day of school!!there are 3 more days lerft!! we will have a party!!!! we probly have snacks!Mrs Dent Scarcello took down lots of looks bare in the classroom.for our portfolio it normly takes a week.but we only have 3 days!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Final TWAS

For our final TWAS on the blog, a few of us are each going to contribute something.

TWAS we are doing our last TWAS. I am not happy -_-. I wonder how many we have done. I am So sad that school is almost over. (although, i get more time to play Video Games!)
-Noah (-8

this  week at school we had gym. at gym we whent out side . we played socer/ bass ball. we played it for while. then we whent insideto line up. by mathew

this week at school we worit to our grade 3 teacher! we don`t know who our tacher is yet.we are writing  in our not book.Anna B :)

This week at school we made 3D shapes. I made a rectegeler prism and a peyrement. brooke :):):):)

this week at school  we had hot lunch it was hot dogs and hambergers
by alyssas

This week at school we had music. We mad mad are music books. Jayden:):):):):)
this week at school   we took a picture with mrs. dent. Taylor T:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

This week at school we had two parent volunters mr. friesen and mrs. coe they helped us with are un finneshed work and work we need to do for no reason it was fun when they came to help us! we where going to work on are animal projects today but we did not get to Talor p.(:(:(:(:(:(:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Amazing Activity Day (Even in the Rain)

On wedesday we had activity day. On activity it was a rainy day. So we had a indoor ativity day. It was still fun thoue. Activity day is the best day ever and  some of the kids got there face panted! Jayden's buddy was Brooke and keanna's buddy was haley J.all of us had to stay together. Are gole was to get all 30 stamps. After when activity day was over we got half of a jumbo freeze!They were goooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :)
Jayden had a red freeze and keanna had a blue freeze.

By Jayden and Keanna.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

taylor p's birthday

Today Taylor P broght cupcakes for our class. The cupcakes were vinilla. They had lots of icing on them. There were sprinkles.the cupcakes were very messy. There were toys on the and candy on top of them. AlyssaP also broght a treat for the class.She made the cookies beacase she had the class cook book. She broght cookies insted.the cookies were messy too.


Monday, June 20, 2011


When we where wathing the eagles, we seen one of the eagles flying away for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At first the eagle was wingersising then it flew away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was cool!!!!!!!!!!!

We Are WAY "Awesomer" Writers!

Today as we get ready for our second last TWAS entry, we are taking time to reflect on how we have grown as writers. We are comparing our first TWAS entries to our latest ones and there are lots of things we are better at.
  • We have neater printing.
  • We skip a line before we start a new topic (we write in paragraphs).
  • We write A LOT more.
  • We add more detail to our writing.
  • We write more topics.
  • We use correct spelling of a lot more words.
  • Sometimes we write to different people.
  • Some of us write in full size notebooks instead of half size notebooks.
  • We use punctuation now.
  • We start our sentences with upper case.
  • We leave bigger spaces between words.
  • We type faster when we blog our TWAS so we can share more on our blog.
Here are some examples of how we have grown as writers:

Friday, June 17, 2011


This week at school morgun had a new baby sister her name is lily. we did not get to see her yet but we think that she is very cute and we think her name is cute to! morgun was very happy that he got a baby sister.

this week at school we had music outside we played charlie over the ocean it is when someone goes around the circle and they say charlie over the ocean charlie over the sae charlie caugth a black bird cant catch me it is very  fun! (:

this week at school  we did daily five outside it was very fun! we sat on the rocks and missdent read Edward tulane lane and we had to returen it she went to the other class and returned it  ):!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week at School  well today Brooke was not here because she was not feeling good I dont no why but i hope she feels better soon):

we had a great week  By Taylor p. and Aylssa s.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

a great day with ipods and ipads

Last  week  we had two diffrint tachers from two dirffint schools. we showed how we use  ipods and ipads .we had lots of stachons  it was SSSSSOOOOO FUN!!!!!!the tachers walked around  l ooking at us ues the ipods.the tachers names were mrs.klenk and mrs hughes.mrs klenk school is H.S. Paul school is margaret park. some tables had thease apps. uzu ,unblock me ,rush hour,phoster and story kit.

by anna and taylor t

iClassroom {Storykit}

We explore many ways to publish our writing in grade 2. A few students are working with Storykit, an app available at the app store. They write and edit  their story in their writers notebook and then move to an iPad to publish it. Text is typed in and then illustrations can be drawn write in the app or a photo can be used. Once the story is complete, it is shared online and can be emailed. My students are highly motivated to publish their writing using Storykit.

Friday, June 10, 2011

iClassroom {WordFoto}

This weeks app of the week on iTunes is WordFoto. I heard of it through a fellow educator on Twitter just last week! One of our classmates is moving to B.C. today so I just tried it out and made a "we will miss you" WordFoto for her.

To create your WordFoto you simply pick a photo from your library or take a photo with your device, choose the words you want to apply and presto! A very cool mash-up of words and an image. There are even different styles to pick from. It took a matter of minutes!
Here is another sample using one of our butterflies just before it was released into the real world.

iClassroom ~ Taking it Outside

We took advantage of the mobility of our iClassroom and took our learning outside. We had caterpillars in our classroom and wanted to do some refelcting about what we had learned so far about caterpillars and what we were still wondering about.

First, the children wrote in their writer's notebooks using a T-chart. When their thoughts were clear they video recorded their "knows" and "wonders" using the iPods and iPads. Each iPod and iPad comes with a still and video camera and records HD video.

Once all the recordings were synced to each device, students (grade 2) were able to use the iMovie app to put the clips together into a movie!
Note: all photos have been taken and processed with my iPhone using the instagram app.

-Leslie Dent Scarcello :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our iClassroom

Thanks to the Manitoba Association of Multiage Educators (MAME), my students will be participating in an iPods and iPads in the Classroom Project. These tools will be incorporated into our daily learning activities and will help create information and communication technology (ICT) rich learning and teaching opportunities. My students and I will be blogging about our learning experiences with the iPods and iPads here and I will also blog about our experiences on the MAME blog at

In a classroom with devices such as iPods and iPads, contemporary methods of learning can be optimized. Through the use of these devices and some apps, students can be supported to:

•Use video clips, audio clips, and photos for gathering info

•Take video and photos; create slideshows using iPhoto and edit video using iMovie

•Record readings using Voicememo to track progress; engage in collaborative story telling, and record audiobooks for others to listen to

•Create original music

•Listen to and/or read ebooks, audiobooks, and Tumblebooks to go with the Belkin Rockstar

•Create books from scratch using Storybooks

•Brainstorm webs, mind maps, idea cards and organize, manage and summarize information.

•Use Puppetpals to write, create, publish puppet shows

•Illustrate stories with drawing pads•Use the calculator

•Use Math board to practice math facts

•Gather data and statistical analysis using Polldaddy

•Use the Notepad for reflection, self-assessment, brainstorming, and publishing

Please stay tuned to the MAME blog as well as this blog to read updates on what we’ve learned and experienced. Posts related to this project will be tagged iClassroom, click iClassroom in the tag cloud to see our posts.

- Mrs. Dent Scarcello

Friday, June 3, 2011


This week at school we got to play on the jungle gym on Thursday.It was soooo fun!!!.At the gym we got to play on the jungle gym. There was lots of stations in the gym 1 was rops,free time cart,jungle gym,rocking and a bouncey ball staion .there were lots of fun:)

This week at school we got too do a 3 digit number  math book. But the first page was 1 digit number.It was sooo easy!!!! The 3 digit was a little easy and a LOT hard But it was really FUN:)

This week at school we had a jelly bean contest .There are 1 jar 2 jars 3 jars.We had to estmate how manny jelly beans were in the jars. The winners will be named on Monday. I wonder how will win? It will be so exsideing:)

This week at school we read  lots of The Miraculous Journe of Edward Tulane. It is about a girl named Abline and her rabitt .His name was Edward Tulane. He is made from china. Once he got bittin by a dog named rosie.We read 9 chaperts.It is SOO good so fair:)

This week at  school  we had miss Nowiki as our sub.She was really fun!!!!!!!

by anna and taylor

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Live Pheasants Hatching!!

In our next door province of Saskatchewan, Mrs. Cassidy's class has pheasants hatching. RIGHT NOW! Check them out at Very cool!
-Mrs. Dent Scarcello :)

Let Them Fly Free!

You may have been following our buterfly adventure on our Butterfly Page but just in case you haven't, here is our latest.
On Friday we released most of our butterflies. Here are some of our photos.