Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Layered Liquids

Today in IBL we did a experiment wfe miss dent it was fun! - Karsten                                                   Today we had a grat day because we did a experamat waf miss dent. We uost liquids to. It was fun we had a grat day! i liket my day - Shelby!!!!

In IBL I am working with my own class! It is nice to work with them and my teacher partner, Candace at the same time!
We have been doing experiments for Solids, Liquids and Gasses. Today we talked about density and layered liquids in a jar. Science experiments are the best because kids are so engaged. They just cannot wait to see what will happen. We get to talk about scientific information, make predictions and then actually see what happens. Today they learned that liquids that are more dense stay at the bottom and liquids that are less dense go to the top. We are all having a blast!

From bottom to top: honey, corn syrup, dish soap, water, oil and rubbing alcohol.

Making in the Makerspace

We made  a video 
First we took a picture then we took another picture
andrew ashley alex dyson  adam kayden made it
it  was in the library at  makerspace. It took 4 days. we used a lot of clay. we used lots of  different colors. Like green brown blue grey and yellow. we took lots pictures. we made lizards a pond 2 trees turtles and snakes.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Global Read Aloud

This month we have been participating the the Global Read Aloud. This is a very cool reading project that uses books to connect classrooms around the globe. Groups in similar grades are all reading the same book and connecting online to discuss, predict and share ideas. We have connected with classes in Canada and the United States!
We are reading "The Year of Billy Miller" by Kevin Henkes. Today we used padlet to post ideas we had about a problem in the story. I created the padlet and then each of the kids posted their own idea in the computer lab. Now we can share the padlet with the other classes we know and have them post their ideas! You can check it out below.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Supporting Our Community

As we continue to explore our community, we are talking about how we can support our community and help the people around us that are in need. There are two great initiatives going on right now that we can help with!

 First, we found out through Instagram that Siloam Mission, (a shelter in Winnipeg that provides food, shelter, clothing and many services to the less fortunate) is in immediate need of men's and women's jeans and hoodies. If you have any of these items that you no longer need and would be willing to donate, please send them to school and I will deliver all donations to Siloam Misson. 

Second, Kid President initiated SOCKTOBER! You can check out the video below that explains it very well and has a little dancing too! Our SPIN Club is collecting *new* socks for the first two weeks of October. They will be donated to a shelter in our regional community to help those in need.

So this is where we are starting with ways we can support our communities. We are just beginning!