Friday, December 16, 2011


Hey people that are reading this blog I want to tell you about MY week at school.

This week at school we got a new kid in our class on Monday named Tysin. The only way I knew how to spell the name Tysin was Tyson so I learned something new from him, YIPPEE! In our class we all have numbers and when Tysin came had had no number But on Tuesday we figured so nobody would have to change their numbers up one his number was confirmed as #27. I'm just glad that we didn't get bumped up one number because I like the number 8 and that's my number of course!

we also had a Patrol party and all the bus patrols were allowed to wear their pajamas! I am a bus patrol of course and I did wear my pajamas to the party. We got popcorn and we had to bring a spill proof drink.The party didn't go for the while day but it went for 4/1/2 periods and that was including recess! The movie we watched was Santa Claus. I was a okay movie for me but I'm not sure if anybody else liked it but I bet someone did.

We did a art project! It was a finger doodling project. When I mean "finger doodling project" I mean you put paint on your fingers and you make pictures. Well we made finger snowman so we put paint on our Thumb, our pointer finger and our pinkie finger. I will now tell you how to make finger snowman.
  1. you get all the supplies you need. you will need: white paint, small pieces of paper, one large piece of paper, a sponge and SOME FINGERS!!!!
  2. next you dip you fingers in the paint.
  3. dip you r fingers on the paper in this order: thumb, index and then pinkie. the now have your snowman!
  4. wait for it to dry then draw your snowman's nose, eyes, mouth, arms and accessories. (optional)
  5. enjoy your snowman!
We had a hackysack tournament. It was supposed to be for high school kids but we got lucky! The first person that I versed was Ricky who beat me. Kirstyn which I beat. The next person I versed was Katie which I also beat then I met Peyton who sadly beat me :'(. After all the tiring games it was eventually over!

Hope you liked my TWAS and ya.

-Rachel :0

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Special Vistitors

Today we had two teachers from Sun Valley just to get ideas for their iPads(they are getting twelve). Their names are Mrs. Morisson and Mrs. Leclerc. As you may already know our class has 3 iPads and 5 iPods. Each iPad/iPod was assigned one or two apps that you could show. So the app on the white iPad was Book creator and the black iPad was comic life and iMovie. For
Mrs. Dents Scarcello's iPad was phoster where you could make posters and the other app you could go on was puppet pals where you could make a puppet show. The game for the blue iPod with the stripes was Rush Hour or Unblock Me. Rush Hour and Unblock Me are the same games exept one is with blocks and one was with cars. On the black iPod it was Word Abacus and Jumbline. Word Abacus is a game where you try making words and Jumbline is a game to help with spelling. On the white iPod you could play Sums Stacker and Math Bingo. For the blue iPod with the diamonds you could play Skill Builder Numeracy and Zoom. For the grey iPod you could play times table and coins.

-Brooke & Peyton!

Friday, December 9, 2011


This week at school we started hand writting. I like hand writting but I am not very good at it but I still like it. When I do hand writting I allways mess up on doing the letters right. The good thing is that the words that we do are pretty easy so it is better. I have a trick though I hold my pencle down lower so it is easy to get the letters and it is is easy to read. Oh and I allmost forgot to tell you last year in Ms Davises class we did hand writting and we hade books that we had to try to finnish it by the end of the year and I only had 7 padges left. And that is good because Jada,Ashleigh and me were a cuple of the only people that were almost done so that is a ood thing.

This week at school we had me to we club. This time it was a little different because what we did is we brought our lunch to room 29 that is the old computer room we ate our lunch then we started making cards and hampers. You are probably wondering what that is well I will tell you.For the hampers we got boxes witch I was the only one that brought a box good thing our libraryon had extra boxes so we took a box and wrapped it in wrapping paper then what we are going to do is people are going to bring in unwraped toys and boxed food. And for the cards we took a plan caed with no cover then we could eather do thum pain , spunge pant or just paint it then we aregoing to sell them at our cristmas concert.

This week at school we had gym.In gym we did dodge ball but not just and dodge ball we did fitness dodge ball. For fitness dodge ball we play a dodge ball game and if you get hit you find a fitness staition the we do what it says. But if he blows the wistal you run a lap then find a different staion then you keep playing dodge ball. We also payed ringette Wich I loved so it was a fun week of gym I hope we do it next week and for a lot longer because it is really fun.

This week at school we had social studys. We are working on the history from a long time ago so right now we are working on how all the cultures lived so we are learning about that. But when we are done we are going to buld dieramas we will be in groups our group will be peyton, brooke, jada and me Emily. We are going to do the Artic wich is the igloo but did you know that there is a mud house that is used for a stable house the igloo is for when you are on a hunting trip or you are travling cool hay.

Hope you liked my twas.