Expert Projects

We have recently introduced a new element to our Daily Five called Expert Projects. Students can use one of their choices each day during Daily Five to work on a topic of their choice. They may choose to share knowledge from personal experiences or research using books, the internet or other people. These expert projects will be presented to the class as they are complete. Stay tuned for some to be shared here as well as on the student's personal blogs. Students have to set up a plan, follow the  expectations set up and work towards the rubric we created.

Daily Five is by far a favorite in our class, primarily because of the choice it give students. When expert projects were introduced, at least 95% of the students jumped right in to a project. The freedom and variety that these projects offers is very appealing to them. Some students have already completed more than one!

Our first expert project is complete and ready to present! Jada has been in love with polar bears since we tuned in to Andy McKiel's Nanuq adventure. She has written stories, done research, written blog posts and now created a presentation. You can see more of Jada's work on her blog.

Katie did a great job of writing a speech with facts about her favourite animal, pandas, and using Power Point to accompany her presentation. Way to go Katie!

Ashleigh did her first project on Giraffes. She was so interested in learning about giraffes she did a lot of her research at home!

Expert Support
Research Links - remember the useful links posted to our wiki. Also, Mrs. Gibson at Wayoata School has LOADS of helpful links on LOADS of topics at her wiki.

Publishing Suggestions
Comic Life

Google Maps