Butterflies 2011

Our caterpillars arrived! Watch with us as they develop into butterflies :)
Check out our live streaming video from inside our cage:

Webcam chat at Ustream

May 27
Today we released some of our butterflies! It was a little bit cold so we saved the rest for the weekend when Mrs. Dent Scarcello will release them in her garden. It was really fun releasing the butterflies, some stayed on our fingers for a long time and landed on our noses!

May 24

We have butterflies! We had our live stream going over the long weekend but unfortunately it timed out and stopped streaming before they started emerging. We will try again, we still have lots of chrysalises left. Now on our stream you can see 2 chrysalises and some butterflies eating.

some caterpillars are butterflies. and there are 1 caterpillar. -Cole "Shark" S.
ther is lots and lots of butterflies. The Butterflies are driking hsrgre wodre. and nektr -Araya
Today the butterflys came out of there cocoon. There are 19 Butterflys. It is so magnificent! They eat surger and water. There are still some cocoons. There are 10 cocoons. There is one that is still just coming out of its cocoon. It looks dead but it isn't. There are 10 butterflys in the wood cage and there are 9 in the tool cage. There are lots of them. -Madison

This is a butterfly that just emerged and is still unfolding. It's empty chrysalis is on it's back still.

Vacant chrysalises.

May 19
Today we moved more chrysalises out of their cups. We didn't have enough room in our cage and Mrs. Dent Scarcello was going to buy another one but Mrs. Malkoske had one to loan us. She made it! It is great because the butterflies will have room to fly around inside. There are still 6 caterpillars left, they are really big and we think they will be chrysalises really soon.

One of the remaining caterpillars.

The webcam set up in our original cage. Shh, don't tell Mr. Lysack his cam might get butterfly stuff on it!

The new net cage Mrs. Malkoske loaned us.

May 16
The caterpillars are macking there chrysalis but some are not. The caterpillars are huge and some are even losing there heads that was grose. -Taylor P
The larva have got cocoons!! they are huge! the only thing I can see is a hole bunch of hair and spikes. they poo to much. -Alyssa P
lots of chrysalis. They are huge and really fat. Some are haing in a J shape. Some movie fast some movie slow. -Anna
Some caterpillars are turning in to chrysalis. Thar where less chrysalis then the afternoon. -Keanna
The caterpillars has chrysalis 16 chrysalis and there are not that much poop. Matthew

May 12
The caterpillars are SO big! Mrs. Dent Scarcello had to scoop poop out of some of the containers so that the caterpillars could reach the food. It was gross.

May 9
The larva have got way, way, WAY bigger! They have spikes on them. A few are still small. They poo lots! They are getting fat because they eat so much! One have died. They are getting spots too. - Alyssa P
The caterpillars now eat more food. - Carter F
They got way bigger and really fat. They are eating way more. There are a few small ones and some are getting spots. - Anna
The caterpillars eat a lot of food because they lose their heads. - Brody
Now they eat way, way, way more so they are really, really fat. - Taylor T

May 6
The caterpillars have been eating lots and they are kind of fluffy. - Haley J
The caterpillars have been eating a lot and pooping I think the caterpillars are going into their new skin. -Carter Y
The caterpillars have been eating, pooping, getting bigger and getting spots. -Brooke

May 3 - a special delivery came in the mail for us. The caterpillars are very small.