Thursday, December 10, 2015

Special Guest Artist!!

This morning we were really lucky to have a special guest visit us! We are researching careers and Karsten chose to research an artist. Elaine Dilay is a painter and came to answer his questions!

Elaine told us a technique to start with the lighter colours always. She is also a fast painter. She is a really good painter. - Ryann

Next she used a different colour of paint and she kind of taught us to put the paint on kind of thick so the white canvas doesn't show through. She is a really, really, really good painter. - Shelby

She taught us to not put too much water or it won't look like anything. - Marley

At the end she stuck the saran wrap on the light part and dragged it down to blend it together. - Ashley

She sprayed the water so it would look cool and drip down. She said don't use a lot of water or else the paint will all run away. - Andrew

She taught us to paint carefully so we wouldn't get it all smudged. - Dyson

We learned not to use too much dark colours or else is will look muddy. - Adam

She sells her paintings online, at her house, in some stores and some galleries in Winnipeg. She told us where she gets all the supplies and canvases. Sometimes from Michael's, sometimes from the dollar store and sometimes from a special art store. - Shelby

She has been painting since she was a kid and has been painting like this since she was about 25. She wasn't feeling well but didn't want to waste the day so she got some supplies and started painting. She like being an artist because there are no rules about art.

I asked what inspires her art and she said lots of things like stores, clothing, buildings, houses.