Friday, October 29, 2010

This Scary Week at School

We ran out of time to write in our TWAS books today so we are posting as a whole group.

This week at school we counted a lot more bags. We had 1200 bags, now we have 4800 bags! We have 9 garbage bags full of plastic bags. Some kids from Mr. Lysack's class came to help us.

We started reading buddies this week. Our buddies are from Mr. Lysack's class. They read their reports to us.

This week at school we had a Halloween party and a parade. We got LOTS of treats! We carved pumpkins, counted seeds, tested the pumpkins to see if they float and did other experiments. We also had to clean the pumpkin out.

We also had a lockdown practice this week. We did great!

~Miss Dent's Class :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

This Week at School

This week at school we had an assembly. 6 kids from our class came up to talk about the Plastic Bag Round-up we are doing. Ms. Wasney's class did a song. The assembly was in the afternoon. Some parents were there. There was a video about UNICEF and a video about Plastic Bag Round-up in the assembly.

This week at school we collected more bags. We counted 1200 bags last week. So far we have lots of plastic bags. We are keeping a tally of the bags. We did not count more bags today, we will count them next week. We think we might have 1200 more that we haven't counted.

This week at school 2 kids lost teeth. It is kinda cool that they lost their teeth. They both just lost them today. One kid lost it outside and one kid lost it in Music. In grade 2, LOTS of kids lose their teeth. When they start losing their teeth it means they are growing up. 11 kids have loose teeth right now!

~Miss Dent's Class :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

David Art

On Friday we did an art project to create portraits of David, the character from "No David". We read the David books at the beginning of the year and also wrote our own book called "David Goes to Bird's Hill". Check out this video of our work!

Friday, October 15, 2010

This Week at School

This week at school we counted plastic bags. We made groups of ten and kept a tally. When we were done we learned to count by 50's. So far we have 1200 bags!
This week at school we learned a new math game for our Box Cars book. It is called Fill 'Er Up. We practice adding and subtracting when we play.
This week at school we started researching careers. We thought of all the jobs we know and asked Mrs Rutherford for books. We chose the career we want to learn more about.
-Miss Dent's Class :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our First Time Posting to Blogging Buddies!

Dear Sofia, Jessica, Amy & Mrs Malkose's Class,
Thank you for posting a message to us. Lots of the girls have Zhu Zhu Pets here. We had to explain what Zhu Zhu Pets were to Miss Dent, she had no idea what they were! At recess we play Star Wars, we go on the swings, we do gymnastics, we go on the spider web, we go on the monkey bars, we slide down the slide, we play house, we hang upside down, we run in the field, we play chase, we play army and we draw and write. There are 21 kids in our class. 15 kids in our class like school. 3 kids say they don't like school (but Miss Dent thinks they are joking). 3 kids are not here today because 1 is sick, 1 is in Mexico and 1 is in Florida! We think the kids who are away like school. Yes, we go to the computer lab on Day 6. In the computer lab we went on Miss Dent's Wiki to try Build Your Wild Self. We went on Word 2007 and learned to type, change font, save and print. We put fall words on Wordle to make a word splash.
What do you do in the computer lab? Do you have to do calendar in the morning? Do you have a class pet? How many recesses do you get? Do you have jobs? Do you have Home Reading? Do you have spelling? Do you have Writer's Workshop? Do you have to sell chocolates?
Miss Dent's Class :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

This Week at School

Unfortunately, for now, students will not be able to do the posting on our blog. As soon as, and if, this is cleared up with the School Division we will start back up with student posts. For now, I will colaborate with a student and I will make the post. Thanks for understanding, I will keep you 'posted' on this (haha).

This week at school we had a fire drill. We were in gym. We were going to start to play a game. We had our first day of hot lunch. I had a cheeseburger and a slushy. We have a new October poem! We learn how to spell October.
Brooke & Miss Dent :)