Wednesday, June 19, 2013

GIANT, pretty, moth!

There was a flurry of excitement as the students gathered around this giant moth on the playground. Three of them ran inside to get me and a camera, I am glad they found me! I have never seen something so big and beautiful. I always think of moths as the little, brown ones that flutter around the lights outside. The boys that came to get me with the camera earlier just came with a book. They found the caterpillar and moth when they got to class! It is called the Cecropia Moth and is the largest caterpillar in Canada and the US. It can grow to 10 cm as a caterpillar and be very fat. The caterpillar eats many different tree leaves such as lilac, apple, ash and cherry. We have lots of lilac trees around our playground, maybe that is where it came from!
Check this out!

This is my adult hand!



Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Paper Slide Videos :: The Integumentary System {IBL}

The final piece for the grade 5 Human Body Series is the Integumentary System - the skin. All the videos will be compiled into a DVD for each of the grade 5 students to keep. What a great portfolio piece! I loved doing this project with grade 5.
The Integumentary System from LeslieDent on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Paper Slide Videos :: The Circulatory System {IBL}

The sixth video in our Human Body Video Series is The Circulatory System. This system was longer and had more information than some others, the group did a great job of sticking with it and creating a great product.

The Circulatory System from LeslieDent on Vimeo.

Friday, June 7, 2013

IMPORTANT: Helmet Super Safety. Protect Your Brain!

We had a person named Pam come to our class today and she was telling us about helmet safety. She showed us videos and what could happen to your brain if you don't wear a helmet. -Katrina

She told us not just on a bike you need to wear a helmet. You need to wear it on all sorts of things like scooters, skiing, skating, roller blading. Anything you use to move other than a car. -Kaitlyn

She said that our skulls are as think as a wooden pencil because your skull isn't enough to protect your brain. -Iain

She told us important things that could happen if you're not wearing a helmet when you're going biking or skating. -Carter L

She showed us videos of wearing the right helmet and to make sure that it's the right helmet for the activity you're doing. -Laine

You use the 2V1 rule to make sure your helmet fits properly. Put 2 fingers on your forehead above your eyebrows. The top of your helmet should touch your finger. Make a V under your ear with the straps. 1 finger should fit under your chin in the strap to make sure it is not too loose or too tight. -Elisa

Then she showed us two videos for helmet safety. They were about using a melon without a helmet and then they put on 4 different helmets to test which helmets work best. The other video was really funny because they were showing people on one wheel on their bike. -Alexa

You could get a prize for Booster Juice or slurpees or Grand Prix if Pam sees you wearing your helmet. They will be at parks like Assiniboine Park, Bird's Hill Park, Kildonan Park watching for people wearing helmets. You also get entered in a draw for a Sport Chek gift card. -Paige

Since biking season is in full swing, we thought it would be a good idea to share the videos we saw today. Wearing a proper fitting helmet is so important, it just takes a split second to have an accident that could change your life forever. We saw a picture of a person wearing a helmet that didn't fit, if they had fallen it would be as if they weren't wearing a helmet at all. Don't forget the 2V1 rule!

Manitoba Government Helmet Safety Video:

Steve Spangler Melon Helmet Experiment:

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Elephants have ruff skin to pretect them.They live in forests and grasslands.some people kill elephants and take there tusks.Elephants eat bark dates and grasses and more-carter l.

books are awsome!!!

My faverit book is Diary of a wimpy kid because it is funny. Diary of a wimpy kid is funny because it has  speech bubles with things like when Manny knockd over a plate and his amaganary friends  knockd it over. Manny doesn't have friends because hes not like the other kids.TOMMY-LEE. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Paper Slide Videos :: The Muscular System {IBL}

The next video in our Human Body series is The Muscular System. This group was very efficient and did a great job on their project. Just two more systems and we will be able to compile the series into a DVD!

VID00005 from LeslieDent on Vimeo.

Super Clean Air Day!

We are learning about Clean Air Day and we have a chart that has walkers, bikers, skaters and other. So we can keep track about all the people that walked, biked or skated or other to get to school. -Laine

Today is Clean Air Day and I walked to school. It took a long time to walk. I was so tired when I got to school that I fell down when I got in the school ground. I usually drive a car to school but I walked to school today. I am walking home today too. -Katrina

Today 8 people walked, 2 people biked and 12 people came in a vehicle. -Carter L

I was going to skateboard to school but then when I got on my skateboard it broke so then I just walked. -Iain

Today I walked to school with my best friend and we are walking home together and when we get home we are going to ride our bikes together. -Kaitlyn

Today I biked half way to school and stopped at my grandma's house and she is only 7 houses away from Bird's Hill School so I stopped there. My mom was beside me when I was riding my bike to school in the car so she could keep and eye on me and I can be safe. I stopped at my grandma's house and I walked the rest. I ran the rest so I could get to school earlier but I was actually there at 9:30 so I was 5 minutes late. -Max

Today I forgot to walk so at the end of the day, if my mommy drives, I am going to walk myself or with my sister Anna. -Elisa

Today I walked to school because I was at my grandma's house and my grandma is only a few houses down. -Laine

This morning I walked from my friend's house so then I got to walk with her. -Paige

I had to go in the car to get to school because my house is too far away to bike or walk to school. -Carter L

8 kids walked to school today and 4 of them usually get a ride or take the bus!
2 people biked to school today and 1 one of them usually drives a car. The other person who biked, usually walks.

Our teacher has been biking to school yesterday and today. So far she has biked 19.65 km, saved 1.87 litres of fuel and saved 4.41 kg of CO2 from the air! (

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Water Safety

Today somebody came to talk to us about water safety. They were from the Lifesaving Society. -Elisa and Paige

Always go swimming with an adult or someone who is responsible. -Carter L

You have to make sure you go swimming with someone that is mature. Carter V

You should always be in arms reach of the adult. Iain

You pretty much should always be wearing a life jacket or PFD. -Katrina

A PFD is a personal floating device. -Mason

Never go in to a pool if you don't have a life jacket or PFD. Never go on a boat without a life jacket. If there are 5 people and 4 life jackets it wouldn't be safe. Even if you are an adult you have to wear a life jacket at all times. Never go to a pool or the beach alone. -Laine

When you are in the water your mom or dad have to stay where they can reach you so if you drown they can quickly reach you. But if they are a mile away they won't get there in time because it only takes 10 seconds to drown. -Elisa

We played Safe or Sorry with one of the lifeguards. It was about where it is safe to swim. -Iain

Sharing Canadian Projects {IBL}

I have been working with Mrs. Dyck's grade 6 class to create Prezis. They researched a Canadian person, place or thing and did a writing activity with their facts. We worked together on their Prezis and then they shared them with each other in a Prezi Around the Room celebration. Before they started, we discussed that their presentations would be viewed by their classmates, not accompany a speaking presentation from the students. So their presentation would need to include all their information.
 Each student left a netbook with their presentation and a feedback form at their desk. Then, they visited each other's projects and recorded what they learned from their classmates projects. The kids really enjoyed seeing what each other had produced and liked learning about each other's topics. Here is a sample of one of their Prezis and some snaps from the celebration.


Paper Slide Videos :: The Nervous System {IBL}

The fourth video in the grade 5 Human Body series is the Nervous System. The students are doing an awesome job of breaking down their system into steps that make sense and describing how their system works. As they finish, they have a clear understanding of their system and a video production they are proud of. Awesome!

The Nervous System from LeslieDent on Vimeo.