Friday, December 3, 2010

This Week at School

We were very busy today with Daily 5, portfolios, snowflakes, music and buddy reading so we are doing TWAS together on the blog. We will also have a copy of this in our duotang so you can write back.

This week at school we got two more postcards. One was from Mrs. Claydon and one was from Brooke's Mom. Mrs. Claydon's was from Edmonton and Brooke's Mom's was from San Diego. We put a sticker up on the map where the postcards came from.

This week at school we started a Christmas Orange Tally. We put a tally for every orange we eat in December. So far we have 41 since Wednesday. Please count your Christmas oranges over the weekend and mark them in your agenda.

This week at school we made snowflakes out of pattern blocks. We put it on a paper. Miss Dent took a picture of it. We made our own and none of the snowflakes were the same. No snowflakes are the same and all snowflakes have six sides except a few have three.

Miss Dent's Class :)

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