Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Special Vistitors

Today we had two teachers from Sun Valley just to get ideas for their iPads(they are getting twelve). Their names are Mrs. Morisson and Mrs. Leclerc. As you may already know our class has 3 iPads and 5 iPods. Each iPad/iPod was assigned one or two apps that you could show. So the app on the white iPad was Book creator and the black iPad was comic life and iMovie. For
Mrs. Dents Scarcello's iPad was phoster where you could make posters and the other app you could go on was puppet pals where you could make a puppet show. The game for the blue iPod with the stripes was Rush Hour or Unblock Me. Rush Hour and Unblock Me are the same games exept one is with blocks and one was with cars. On the black iPod it was Word Abacus and Jumbline. Word Abacus is a game where you try making words and Jumbline is a game to help with spelling. On the white iPod you could play Sums Stacker and Math Bingo. For the blue iPod with the diamonds you could play Skill Builder Numeracy and Zoom. For the grey iPod you could play times table and coins.

-Brooke & Peyton!

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