Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awesome 100/10 000 Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Friday we had our 100/10 000 day!!!! We had lots of fun choises like...
Wordle with 100 WOW words in it.
Clip together 10 000 paperclips.
Blog post with10 000 words in it.
Make your own costom made 10 000 dollar bill.
Find out the length of 10 000 pencils.

On peices of paper there were activities like.....
Where would you like to vist in the world?
Draw 10 000 tally marks.
Ways to write 10 000 using only number problems (Ricky only did it)
10 000 questions you have about the world.
How far would 10 000 steps take you?
Make up word problems for which the answer is 10 000

That was the best 100/10 000 day EVER!!!!!!!
P.S It was also dress up as your fav book character!


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