Thursday, March 8, 2012


On Friday we had AAA art. We're doing our performance with puppets and we're doing it on the book "The Lonely Inukshuk". The characters in the book are:
  • The Inukshuk
  • Tiriaq the weasel
  • Tuktu the caribou
  • Qinalugaq the beluga
  • Ukaliq the arctic hare
  • Siksik the ground squirrel
  • Nanuq the polar bear
  • Aqiggiq the ptarmigan
  • Tiriganiaq the arctic fox
  • Attaata the father
  • Irniq the son
The book was amasingly made by 15 kids and well probbaly their teacher helped them with ideas but I WOULD'T KNOW! The kids live in Nunavut in Whale Cove

Thanks for listening!   Reading!
-Rachel :)

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Miss L said...

A wonderful book and I bet your performance will be wonderful as well! Best wishes.