Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Surely You Have Heard of Maria Aragon!

Last Wednesday, one week ago, 10 year old Maria Aragon (she already has a wikipedia page!! She's 10!) from Isaac Brock School in Winnipeg posted yet another video of herself singing on youtube. Her video got to Lady Gaga (whose song she sang), who in turn tweeted about Maria and shared the link to her video with her 6.8 million followers! What an amazing story! Maria's video had over 11 million hits as of Wednesday - just one week later!

Last Thursday she made an appearance on Hot 103 where she also spoke to Lady Gaga. The next day (Friday) she was being flown to Toronto for multiple appearances and yesterday, she appeared on ELLEN!! She even sang the Lady Gaga song, on tv! Wow! This Thursday she has an appearance on Good Morning America. What's next? Maria has been asked by Lady Gaga to perform with her at her concert in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre next month! A LADY GAGA CONCERT! Imagine, one week ago she was sitting in her grade 5 desk at school and now she is on national television and singing at a sold out concert!

There are stories about Maria all over the place including The Winnipeg Free Press. You can follow and support the success of this young and talented Winnipeg girl just about anywhere! I am getting chills just writing this post, what a great story. Look at what you can do if you follow your passions and work hard at your dreams! No matter how old you are. What are your dreams?
P.S. - there is a video clip inserted below of Maria on Ellen. I could see it at home but I can't see it at school. If you can't see it either, follow the link above "singing on youtube" to find the video.
P.P.S. - Yippeee! I found a link that has the video clip AND we can see it at school!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.....I am CRYING JUST reading this! Of course I HAVE heard of her wayyyy over here in Singapore...and it makes me sooo happy to read about someone from Winnipeg realizing their potential and their dreams.
We can all do this.
What would we do without our dreams??
Cannot wait to meet your class this week on Skype!
Thanks for the post!