Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Instagram + Animoto = An Awesome Team!

Since I got an iPhone last year, instagram has been one of my very favorite apps. It can easily be used on an iPod as well but photos will be uploaded once you are connected to the internet. Instagram helps you apply fabulous filters to your photos, add comments and share them with your instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc networks. Many other web 2.0 tools have started connecting with instagram allowing you to easily use your instagram photos for other things. For example, Blurb is a photobook creator that connects with your instagram account to create a paper book of your photos. When the various tools talk to each other it just makes things easier.
I noticed today that Animoto, my very favorite slideshow tool now connects with instagram to create videos! It was easy peasy. Here is a video of my Holiday Instagram Photo Journal.


Janet said...

Absolutely Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Dent I love your video!
Was the messy house your house?

Chelsea (from Ms Wasneys class!)

Mrs. Dent Scarcello said...

Hi Chelsea,
I am glad you are browsing our blog! Yes, the messy house is my house. We started renovating it over the Christmas holidays. It is still messy :( But soon it will be shiny and new!!
-Mrs. Dent Scarcello :)