Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wacky Picasso Oil Pastel Art

This week we did a art project call Picasso! Its where you have oil pastels, but you'll need a pencil first and you draw half of your portrait side and half of your profile side. Then when you are done you outline everything with black oil pastel. Then you go on the the wacky oil pastel part, you can do whatever colour you want and the cool part is that you can put a under layer like I did. Like I put all the light colours there were on my portrait side with dark blue on top it looked cool. On my profile side it was all the neon colours underneath dark green. After you are done you take a Popsicle stick and scratch off what ever kind off design you want I did swirls, then you take more oil pastels and colour the background. Then you take the black oil pastel and outline  everything again then its done!! When they are done they look awesome and here are some pictures of them to prove it!



Anonymous said...

I just love all of them and mine is even on the blog post. Ash you are a exclent blogger.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jada
Thanks for the comment and thanks for saying I'm an exellent blogger!! I really loves yours like they said "The wackier the better"

Miss L said...

Looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

are you hhaveing fun in mrs.dent scarcello class? Emily martin

Anonymous said...

These were so fun to make and they look cool when they are done. I think every one did a great job.

Ms. Wasney said...

Hi Ashleigh and the rest of 5DS!

I took a peek at all the portraits on Artsonia and they are amazing! I love the bright colours and designs! Way to go!

Ms. Wasney :)

Anonymous said...

wow sounds really fun and cool we did that in our class to.