Monday, September 30, 2013

Question of the Day :: Daily Routine

Today we learned our third activity in Daily Routine. These are math activities that we rotate through each day. Right now, while we are learning them, we all do the same one. Later, when we know the drill we will have three groups doing different things at the same time and we won't do the same thing each day. The one we learned today is Question of the Day, it's the noisiest but we like it the  best.

It was hard keeping track of all the names. To know who we asked already we write down the initials when we ask them. -Rhyann

It was easy to ask people the questions because you just have to go to them. If someone is busy we don't interrupt them, we wait. -Anthony

It was fun doing this because it was fun finding out about people that like our stuff. -Carter

We wrote down a question to ask our whole class. We thought about what question we want to ask the class. -Adrianna

When we are done asking everybody we count the initials and write the number at the bottom. -Rylee

Lots of people asked the question "what do you like better this or that?" It is kind of boring when everyone gets the same thing that they like. - Carter

Lots of people asked about pizza. Lots of people used Mrs. Dent Scarcello's example as their question. Next time we could choose different questions because it gets boring. -Carson

The other kind of question we could ask is a yes or no. Like "have you ever went to the states?" -Jace

"Have you ever gone to the Bomber game?" -Rylee

When we are done with the front, there are questions on the back that we answer to analyze the data we collected. Once the kids get beyond asking about hot dogs, pizza and ice cream, they find out some really interesting things about each other!

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