Thursday, September 5, 2013

The First Day of School

Yesterday was our first day of grade 2. We have 22 kids in our class. In the morning we all met on the playground. Our teachers and friends were waiting outside for us. In the morning our teacher is Mrs. Henry and in the afternoon our teacher is Mrs. Dent Scarcello.

We learn. -Madison

It was exciting to meet our new teachers. -Rhyann

We met a lot of friends yesterday. -Corbin

We made self portraits yesterday and today. -Sarah

They are made out of construction paper. We cut the parts of our face out of paper and glued them together. -Mikaela

We did a get to know you activity where we wrote things about ourselves. We will put them in the hall with our self-portraits. -Anthony and Lucas

We did word searches with all our names in it. -Sage

We made paper t-shirts. We coloured them. Our names are on them. -Jace

We got our agendas and we learned about making cardboard faces. -Carter

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