Friday, September 11, 2015

Our Exciting First Week at School

On our first day it felt like a very, very short day. -Shelby

On the second day of school we had gym and library. -Dyson

This week at school me and Ms. Lefko read "The Little Red Pen." It was great!! -Marley

At gym it was awesome because we did fun activities like some games. -Ryann

This week at school we had gym and we had math and the math was very fun because we coloured and we wrote it out ourselves. -Andrew

At our first week of grade 2, I liked colouring the t-shirts. -Rylee

At school this week we met a new girl named Marley! She is a nice girl. We are happy that she is in our class! -Ashley

We had fun this week at school because we did lots of art work. -Karsten

Our first week of school was awesome because we went to gym, I love gym. -Matea

We had a lovely time on the first day of school. We met our new friends. -Sawyer

The new girl that came into our class, we were friends right away! -Isla

At recess I had fun playing with my friends this week. We played football and soccer. -Adam


Anonymous said...

Wow! This sounds like a great time! I wish I was in grade 2 with you! Have a fantastic second week at school!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very exciting first week! Looking forward to reading all about your adventures in grade 2! Happy learning!

Anonymous said...

What a great looking class! Our family cannot wait to follow your blog through the school year. It is going to be a great one! Have fun!! :)

Anonymous said...

Every one is really silly. I had fun!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Room 4 is going to be a fun place this year! I can't wait to hear (and read!) more about what the grade 2s are up to this year...keep having fun!

Anonymous said...

Very exciting looking forward to reading more :)

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to a great year - making lots of new friends and learning lots!! :)

Anonymous said...

Grade 2 looks like fun! Can't wait to hear about all the great things you are learning!

jaden said...

hi miss dent is jaden from last year in my class im having fun to and are kidblog is new!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Dent Scarcello

You always take such good pictures! Hope you had a good summer.
From Isabella