Thursday, September 10, 2015

It Only Takes One || Be Someone's Hero

Welcome back! We have had a great start to grade 2 this year already!

A common theme we like to focus on at our school is the idea the it only takes one person to make a difference. By doing one simple, kind thing for someone else we can change their day and send a ripple of kindness around. We talk about this a lot at school and especially in our assemblies when we are all together.

Yesterday at our Welcome Back assembly, Mrs. Palamar showed us a great video from the oh-so-entertaining Kid President. He always has the best messages and delivers them so well! There were so many great quotes to take away from this video, we will definitely be watching it again in the future. Here is the video for you to check out and some of our favorite and most important quotes!

"You have everything right now to change the world."

"Heroes are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They inspire other people to be extraordinary."

"If you want to be awesome, treat people awesome."

"It’s about compassion; there is nothing stronger than that."

"You just need to care."

"You have everything that you need to make someone’s day more awesome."

"Someone may never have told you this, but I promise it’s true; the world needs heroes and that hero could be you."


Anonymous said...

one person can make a difference, we put 1 finger up so it gets quite

Anonymous said...

I like what he said about it only taking 1 person making a difference!