Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our First Time Blogging!

We had lots of fun at school these two days. We think school is awesome! Miss Dent is an awesome teacher! In grade two we will read lots of poems. This morning we learned the "September" poem. We will practice it everyday. This year we have already made new friends!
- Miss Dent's Students


Mrs. Gibson said...

Wow...what a great job on your first blog posting. I'm excited about reading your blog through the year. Have a great year filled with learning and fun!

P.S. We miss Miss Dent at Wayoata School - you are lucky to have her as your teacher! (We also miss Mrs. Dehn, Mrs. Potter and Mrs. Starodub!)

Janet said...


Welcome to grade 2 - I am so interested in learning about what you do in your classroom! I think it is a great idea to use your writing skills in your classroom blog.

I look forward to volunteering in your classroom and meeting each of you. I hope we will read, cook, watercolour, and many more fun learning tasks. See you soon.

Mrs. Dent

Mme Kelly said...

Awesome! My Grade 2 class is having fun on their second day of school too. We will also be learning a back to school poem maybe tomorrow. Welcome back and have fun blogging!

Mme Kelly
Springfield Heights School

Anonymous said...

Hi Grade Two's,
I was so excited to read that you are reading poetry. I love poetry and we have lots of great poetry books in the library. When you have learned your September poem really well can you invite me to listen to it?
Ms. Qua