Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our First Visit to the Computer Lab!

We are in the computer lab for the first time and we are checking out http://www.missdentsclass.wikispaces.com/ and Build Your Wild Self! We love it!
While everyone is creating we are going to take turns blogging.
-Miss Dent :)

we lrned haw to play a new game ti is coled dsin your wiyled selef
-by anna

i   lic grad2
-alyssa s

I  love b.h.s.its the best.

i hope we have a grat day.
-taylor p.

I like school. School is fun.
- brooke

This school ROCKS! i hope that evryone will know how to read! my siblings have to get up 2 hours for sjr thay wake me up buy yelling so i wake up

hi my name  is Alyssa. missdent  ROCKS!  i hope everyone  haes a nice day.   school  is cool. i like doing  work but  sometimes  it is  hard.   we  made  a few  friends. wehn we are  DONE she  lets us   read  books  or we  sometimes   coler.

school ROCKS.school is asme.school is fun.

school  is  the  best  our  techar  is  vare  nice
-Taylor T

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