Thursday, October 21, 2010

This Week at School

This week at school we had an assembly. 6 kids from our class came up to talk about the Plastic Bag Round-up we are doing. Ms. Wasney's class did a song. The assembly was in the afternoon. Some parents were there. There was a video about UNICEF and a video about Plastic Bag Round-up in the assembly.

This week at school we collected more bags. We counted 1200 bags last week. So far we have lots of plastic bags. We are keeping a tally of the bags. We did not count more bags today, we will count them next week. We think we might have 1200 more that we haven't counted.

This week at school 2 kids lost teeth. It is kinda cool that they lost their teeth. They both just lost them today. One kid lost it outside and one kid lost it in Music. In grade 2, LOTS of kids lose their teeth. When they start losing their teeth it means they are growing up. 11 kids have loose teeth right now!

~Miss Dent's Class :)

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