Friday, October 29, 2010

This Scary Week at School

We ran out of time to write in our TWAS books today so we are posting as a whole group.

This week at school we counted a lot more bags. We had 1200 bags, now we have 4800 bags! We have 9 garbage bags full of plastic bags. Some kids from Mr. Lysack's class came to help us.

We started reading buddies this week. Our buddies are from Mr. Lysack's class. They read their reports to us.

This week at school we had a Halloween party and a parade. We got LOTS of treats! We carved pumpkins, counted seeds, tested the pumpkins to see if they float and did other experiments. We also had to clean the pumpkin out.

We also had a lockdown practice this week. We did great!

~Miss Dent's Class :)

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