Friday, June 17, 2011


This week at school morgun had a new baby sister her name is lily. we did not get to see her yet but we think that she is very cute and we think her name is cute to! morgun was very happy that he got a baby sister.

this week at school we had music outside we played charlie over the ocean it is when someone goes around the circle and they say charlie over the ocean charlie over the sae charlie caugth a black bird cant catch me it is very  fun! (:

this week at school  we did daily five outside it was very fun! we sat on the rocks and missdent read Edward tulane lane and we had to returen it she went to the other class and returned it  ):!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week at School  well today Brooke was not here because she was not feeling good I dont no why but i hope she feels better soon):

we had a great week  By Taylor p. and Aylssa s.


Anonymous said...

hi class this is matthew. the best thing about t.w.a.s is the writing.

Anonymous said...

hi class it is carter f it is cool that we have be came better witers in TWAS