Friday, June 10, 2011

iClassroom ~ Taking it Outside

We took advantage of the mobility of our iClassroom and took our learning outside. We had caterpillars in our classroom and wanted to do some refelcting about what we had learned so far about caterpillars and what we were still wondering about.

First, the children wrote in their writer's notebooks using a T-chart. When their thoughts were clear they video recorded their "knows" and "wonders" using the iPods and iPads. Each iPod and iPad comes with a still and video camera and records HD video.

Once all the recordings were synced to each device, students (grade 2) were able to use the iMovie app to put the clips together into a movie!
Note: all photos have been taken and processed with my iPhone using the instagram app.

-Leslie Dent Scarcello :)

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Anonymous said...

good job!was it a nice day when you went out?is it cool to have ipods and ipads in your classroom?how long have you had the ipods and ipads for?do you know anyone else that has ipods and ipads in their classroom?did you have parterners when you were outside?were you guys recording your parterner if you had one?it must be fun to have a few ipads and ipods.