Monday, June 20, 2011

We Are WAY "Awesomer" Writers!

Today as we get ready for our second last TWAS entry, we are taking time to reflect on how we have grown as writers. We are comparing our first TWAS entries to our latest ones and there are lots of things we are better at.
  • We have neater printing.
  • We skip a line before we start a new topic (we write in paragraphs).
  • We write A LOT more.
  • We add more detail to our writing.
  • We write more topics.
  • We use correct spelling of a lot more words.
  • Sometimes we write to different people.
  • Some of us write in full size notebooks instead of half size notebooks.
  • We use punctuation now.
  • We start our sentences with upper case.
  • We leave bigger spaces between words.
  • We type faster when we blog our TWAS so we can share more on our blog.
Here are some examples of how we have grown as writers:

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Janet said...

Reflecting on your growth as a learner is a strategy you will use for the rest of your life. Congratulations on learning so much this year.