Friday, June 3, 2011


This week at school we got to play on the jungle gym on Thursday.It was soooo fun!!!.At the gym we got to play on the jungle gym. There was lots of stations in the gym 1 was rops,free time cart,jungle gym,rocking and a bouncey ball staion .there were lots of fun:)

This week at school we got too do a 3 digit number  math book. But the first page was 1 digit number.It was sooo easy!!!! The 3 digit was a little easy and a LOT hard But it was really FUN:)

This week at school we had a jelly bean contest .There are 1 jar 2 jars 3 jars.We had to estmate how manny jelly beans were in the jars. The winners will be named on Monday. I wonder how will win? It will be so exsideing:)

This week at school we read  lots of The Miraculous Journe of Edward Tulane. It is about a girl named Abline and her rabitt .His name was Edward Tulane. He is made from china. Once he got bittin by a dog named rosie.We read 9 chaperts.It is SOO good so fair:)

This week at  school  we had miss Nowiki as our sub.She was really fun!!!!!!!

by anna and taylor

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