Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sharing Canadian Projects {IBL}

I have been working with Mrs. Dyck's grade 6 class to create Prezis. They researched a Canadian person, place or thing and did a writing activity with their facts. We worked together on their Prezis and then they shared them with each other in a Prezi Around the Room celebration. Before they started, we discussed that their presentations would be viewed by their classmates, not accompany a speaking presentation from the students. So their presentation would need to include all their information.
 Each student left a netbook with their presentation and a feedback form at their desk. Then, they visited each other's projects and recorded what they learned from their classmates projects. The kids really enjoyed seeing what each other had produced and liked learning about each other's topics. Here is a sample of one of their Prezis and some snaps from the celebration.



Mr. Hoeppner said...

I love this - great idea!

Anonymous said...

cool emmalee