Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Water Safety

Today somebody came to talk to us about water safety. They were from the Lifesaving Society. -Elisa and Paige

Always go swimming with an adult or someone who is responsible. -Carter L

You have to make sure you go swimming with someone that is mature. Carter V

You should always be in arms reach of the adult. Iain

You pretty much should always be wearing a life jacket or PFD. -Katrina

A PFD is a personal floating device. -Mason

Never go in to a pool if you don't have a life jacket or PFD. Never go on a boat without a life jacket. If there are 5 people and 4 life jackets it wouldn't be safe. Even if you are an adult you have to wear a life jacket at all times. Never go to a pool or the beach alone. -Laine

When you are in the water your mom or dad have to stay where they can reach you so if you drown they can quickly reach you. But if they are a mile away they won't get there in time because it only takes 10 seconds to drown. -Elisa

We played Safe or Sorry with one of the lifeguards. It was about where it is safe to swim. -Iain


Anonymous said...

i like all the sefy teps to be sefe at the beach. what cind of pfds wur ther?laine

Anonymous said...

I like the miss yohu talk to my class beasuse she was sooo nis to us.