Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Super Clean Air Day!

We are learning about Clean Air Day and we have a chart that has walkers, bikers, skaters and other. So we can keep track about all the people that walked, biked or skated or other to get to school. -Laine

Today is Clean Air Day and I walked to school. It took a long time to walk. I was so tired when I got to school that I fell down when I got in the school ground. I usually drive a car to school but I walked to school today. I am walking home today too. -Katrina

Today 8 people walked, 2 people biked and 12 people came in a vehicle. -Carter L

I was going to skateboard to school but then when I got on my skateboard it broke so then I just walked. -Iain

Today I walked to school with my best friend and we are walking home together and when we get home we are going to ride our bikes together. -Kaitlyn

Today I biked half way to school and stopped at my grandma's house and she is only 7 houses away from Bird's Hill School so I stopped there. My mom was beside me when I was riding my bike to school in the car so she could keep and eye on me and I can be safe. I stopped at my grandma's house and I walked the rest. I ran the rest so I could get to school earlier but I was actually there at 9:30 so I was 5 minutes late. -Max

Today I forgot to walk so at the end of the day, if my mommy drives, I am going to walk myself or with my sister Anna. -Elisa

Today I walked to school because I was at my grandma's house and my grandma is only a few houses down. -Laine

This morning I walked from my friend's house so then I got to walk with her. -Paige

I had to go in the car to get to school because my house is too far away to bike or walk to school. -Carter L

8 kids walked to school today and 4 of them usually get a ride or take the bus!
2 people biked to school today and 1 one of them usually drives a car. The other person who biked, usually walks.

Our teacher has been biking to school yesterday and today. So far she has biked 19.65 km, saved 1.87 litres of fuel and saved 4.41 kg of CO2 from the air! (


Anonymous said...

i like all the talles to keep trak of how many peple did not use a many peple tuk a car?laine

Anonymous said...

I like the day air day a lot.
I like that i walk to school today
with my bff.Did you walk to school
to paige and kaitlyn.

Anonymous said...

i like clean air day i was not alound to ride on my bike or walk or skate.why do we have clan air day?