Friday, June 7, 2013

IMPORTANT: Helmet Super Safety. Protect Your Brain!

We had a person named Pam come to our class today and she was telling us about helmet safety. She showed us videos and what could happen to your brain if you don't wear a helmet. -Katrina

She told us not just on a bike you need to wear a helmet. You need to wear it on all sorts of things like scooters, skiing, skating, roller blading. Anything you use to move other than a car. -Kaitlyn

She said that our skulls are as think as a wooden pencil because your skull isn't enough to protect your brain. -Iain

She told us important things that could happen if you're not wearing a helmet when you're going biking or skating. -Carter L

She showed us videos of wearing the right helmet and to make sure that it's the right helmet for the activity you're doing. -Laine

You use the 2V1 rule to make sure your helmet fits properly. Put 2 fingers on your forehead above your eyebrows. The top of your helmet should touch your finger. Make a V under your ear with the straps. 1 finger should fit under your chin in the strap to make sure it is not too loose or too tight. -Elisa

Then she showed us two videos for helmet safety. They were about using a melon without a helmet and then they put on 4 different helmets to test which helmets work best. The other video was really funny because they were showing people on one wheel on their bike. -Alexa

You could get a prize for Booster Juice or slurpees or Grand Prix if Pam sees you wearing your helmet. They will be at parks like Assiniboine Park, Bird's Hill Park, Kildonan Park watching for people wearing helmets. You also get entered in a draw for a Sport Chek gift card. -Paige

Since biking season is in full swing, we thought it would be a good idea to share the videos we saw today. Wearing a proper fitting helmet is so important, it just takes a split second to have an accident that could change your life forever. We saw a picture of a person wearing a helmet that didn't fit, if they had fallen it would be as if they weren't wearing a helmet at all. Don't forget the 2V1 rule!

Manitoba Government Helmet Safety Video:

Steve Spangler Melon Helmet Experiment:

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