Monday, May 9, 2011

Baby Eagles

Mrs. Malkoske's class left us a comment with questions on our Growth and Changes blog post. One question was "when do you think the eagles will leave their nest?" We answered their question but we were really just guessing an answer. Some of us thought they would stay for 1 or 2 more weeks and some of us thought they would stay for 1 or 2 more months. We started talking about how scientists make educated guesses and decided that we should look further into this to make a more educated guess. Some suggestions from our class were to:
  • "google it"
  • "bing it"
  • look it up on wikipedia
  • look in a book
  • ask somebody
We looked it up on google and found that the bald eagle will stay in it's nest for 11 or 12 weeks before it can fly away. We also found out that the eagle is in it's egg for 35 days before it hatches. Since we don't know when these eagles were born we don't know exactly when they will leave the nest. We have been watching them for 2 weeks so at the most they will be in the nest for another 8 - 10 weeks.
Phewf, thanks for the question Mrs. Malkoske's Class, you really got us thinking after lunch! We are also looking forward to following the Peregrine Falcons who live in a nest at a hotel in Winnipeg. This webcam is set to start streaming tomorrow at

This is a map with the locations of the animal cams we are following.

View Animal Cam Locations in a larger map
-Mrs. Dent Scarcello's Class :)

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Mrs. Dent Scarcello said...

We just noticed on the Eagle Cam page there is information below the cam that tells us when each eagle hatched. The oldest one hatched on April 2, 2011 so that eagle should be ready to leave it's nest in 6 or 7 weeks.