Friday, May 27, 2011


This week at school we released the Butterflies! they are panited lade's! We took  photo's and vidio's. Some butterflies stade on our fingers for a long time! Araya got the first Butterfly on her nose. Brody was the first one to get a butterfly on his eye!The Butterflies tikled us!The Butterflies were Mading!

This week at school it was Anna's and keanna's  B-day! They are both 8! We celabrated Anna's and Keanna's B-day by giving them a penceil and a lolly pop and an eraser and a card. It was awesome! We sang happy birthday!

This week at school we wached livestreim duckling's. We saw one hatch  It was grose. We left some coment's on there blog. They are slimy when they come out of there egg. They get fluffy rilly fast.

This week at school we had computer. In computer we were working in  comic life. we where working on the butterflies it was supper fun.
By Keanna and Taylor p.

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