Friday, May 13, 2011

We Went to Fort Whyte...

As we mentioned a couple of days ago, we went to Fort Whyte. It was fantastic! We decided to use Voki to share what we saw, what we learned and what we did while we were at Fort Whyte. This activity was a blast!
When we got back to school, we brainstormed our ideas and took a photo of it with our iPods so we could save the ideas for the next day. When we were ready to write, each table had an iPod to reference the brainstorm session. We wrote our reflections in our Writer's Notebooks and made sure to include what we saw, what we learned and what we did at Fort Whyte. Each of us recorded our reflection using a digital voice recorder, created our avatar on Voki and uploaded our reflection.

Here is a sample of how it turned out!

Click on your name to see your Fort Whyte Voki.
Anna, Brayden, Noah, Brody, Matthew, Taylor T, Taylor P, Alyssa S, Alyssa P, Hailey, Haley, Cole, Carter Y, Carter F, Jayden, Madison, Morgun, Brooke, Keanna, Araya.

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