Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We listened to some of the NHL announcement today! We are excited that we will have an NHL hockey team again. While we listened, we were also writing and some of us brainstormed some new team name ideas. Since they didn't announce the new name, we thought they might need some suggestions! Here are our ideas:
  • Winnipeg Sharks (Cole)
  • Winnipeg Icies (Madison)
  • Winnipeg Rangers (Brayden)
  • Winnipeg Whiners (Noah)
  • Winnipeg Ice Freezes (Matthew)
  • Manitoba Moose (Carter F)
  • Manitoba Bears (Haley)
  • Winnipeg Jets (Taylor P)
  • Winnipeg Moose (Brooke)
  • Winnipeg Ducks (Anna)
  • Winnipeg Winners (Haley)
  • Winnipeg Potters (Like Harry Potter) (Brayden)
  • Winnipeg Chinchillas (Madison)
  • Winnipeg Wigs (Noah)
  • Winnipeg Land Miners (Cole)
  • Winnipeg Great White (Like the shark) (Cole)
  • Winnipeg Tigers (Alyssa P)
  • Winnipeg Penguins (Alyssa S)
  • Winnipeg Fox (Araya)
  • Winnipeg Birds (Brody)
  • Manitoba Eagles (Anna)
  • Winnipeg Migledons (like the shark) (Cole)
  • Winnipeg Dutches (Matthew)
  • Winnipeg White (Noah)
  • Winnipeg Fireworks, Winnipeg Thrashers, Winnipeg Shooting Stars (Brooke)
  • Winnipeg Candies, Winnipeg Colours (Haley)
  • Winnipeg Cedars, Winnipeg Lightbulbs (Madison)
  • Manitoba NHL Players (Brayden)
  • Winnipeg Witches (Noah, Brooke)
Leave us a comment with your ideas!
-Mrs. Dent Scarcello's Class :)


Janet said...

Those are great name ideas - it is SO exciting to have the NHL back in Winnipeg. I think the Winnipeg Jets is a perfect name.

Anonymous said...

Wow! what a big list!

Anonymous said...

welcome back NHL from a very long time i am exited to go to a hockey game.
carter f

Anonymous said...

I love the new names for hockey teams! maybe one of them will get used for an NHL hockey team. It would be really cool if one of them got used.
from haley