Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our Caterpillars Finally Came!

The caterpillars finally came on Tuesday, May 7th. We are happy they are here! -Tommy and Sam

There are LOTS of caterpillars. -Tyler

After they came we made the food with water and the mix they sent. -Carter L

We took one scoop of food and put it in the small container. We patted it down with a spoon. Then we put 2 or 3 caterpillars in the small container. -Laine

We had to pick the caterpillars up with a paint brush and then we put the lid on. -Avery

Some of the caterpillars fell of the brush while we were moving them! -Paige

We took a push pin and then pushed it on the lid to make 3 or 4 breathing holes. -Alexa

Our teacher put them on display on the back counter out of direct sunlight. -Elisa

When the caterpillars came they were black with yellow spots. -Paige

They have spikes. -Sam

They are eating a lot. And the caterpillars are working out. It looks like they are doing push-ups. -Tyler

The caterpillars are pooping a lot and some of the caterpillars lost their heads! -Rebecca

They are spinning silk in the containers. -Max

My friend's caterpillar spun a web of silk and stood on it and it looked like it was walking on thin air! -Katrina

Some look like they are sleeping, some look like they are dead. -Elisa

One of the caterpillars was taking of it's head off but it wouldn't fall off. Then the caterpillar was saying "get this head off of me, I don't like it!" -Olivia

One of the caterpillars lost it's head but the head was still eating! -Max

Now we are guessing how many caterpillars there are. We are going to make estimates and use different math strategies to figure it out.

I think there are 530 caterpillars. -Tommy

I think there are 235. -Elisa

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