Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

Yesterday we were talking and blogging about random acts of kindness because we got a special delivery from our friends. I told the children how nice it was when they said "good morning" to me in the halls or when they said "bye, have a good night" when they go home because it lets me know they care about me. I also told them how I think it is kind when they draw or colour a picture for me at home because it lets me know they are thinking of me even when they are not at school with me. At the end of the day yesterday, many of the children stopped before they left to say "goodbye Mrs. Dent, have a good evening." Melt my heart :)

Today some of the children were excited to tell me they had paid it forward and went out of their way to be kind to someone. Here are some of their stories.

We were eating dinner and my sister was grabbing a piece of bread and I grabbed it for her and I gave it to her. -Iain

I was playing on the iPad when my sister came down and she asked for the iPad and I gave it to her. -Kaitlyn

I was colouring a picture and my sister asked if I could pass the crayon box and I passed it to her. -Elisa

I was looking for a piece of paper to draw on at lunch when I was finished my lunch and I asked Tommy for one and it was crumpled with a staple hanging out of it and then Tyler randomly gave a blank piece of paper to me. -Max

I went to my sister's room and read her a book. -Katrina

I wanted to help my mom so I dried the dishes for her. -Laine

This morning I got my brother's lunch kit for him before school. -Paige

At lunch I was all done my lunch so Emily W let me look at her Pokémon cards. I only have two of them. -Carter L

I also noticed today that Emily was digging through the pile of duotangs to put something away and she knew that Katrina needed to put something away also. So when she came to Katrina's duotang she passed it to her. That was helpful!

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