Thursday, May 2, 2013

The #eduphotoaday Experience

On May 1st we started a project that combines a few of my favorite things - photography, technology, connecting with other classrooms and educators, inspiration and writing. #eduphotoaday is a teacher-created photography and writing project based around Instagram, a photo social media platform. Classes around the province are participating by taking their version of the photo of the day based on this plan:

Then, we browse the photos posted by other classes and use them as inspiration in our writing! We took our first photos yesterday, the word was US.
These are the people that decided to put there feet in the grip of kids.we tried to keep are feet as strait as we could. This is #us. By Elisa #eduphotoadaymay
It is the city we live in. If you look farther away it is are cuntre. This is my finger on are city. By Elisa #eduphotoadaymay #us
 Today the word was MUSIC.
Good bay mrs allen are #music student techer. We hoop you have a great year. -Katrina #eduphotoaday

We are practicing ISS for #music Monday next week! @cmdr_hadfield will be broadcasting live on Monday during the national event! The video of the song is on our blog #eduphotoadaymay
Today we also started some writing using the photos from the #eduphotoadaymay feed. There were a huge variety of ideas that the photos sparked; from lists to stories to personal reflections. It was really awesome! There are no rules, whatever idea comes to mind from browsing the photos is good to go.
Max saw a photo of students around their school logo - a hawk. Hawks are his favorite animal so away he went!

Tommy-Lee was inspired to write a fictional story about a band of guitars from a photo of a guitar.

If you are on instagram you can check out #eduphotoadaymay for this month's action and request to follow us @mrsdentscarcellosclass. Also, check out the blog and follow along here on our blog. We will post samples of our writing as we go!

-Mrs. Dent Scarcello :)


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