Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekend Caterpillar Invasion

What a crazy caterpillar weekend! As you know, we have hundreds of caterpillars. We had to buy plants to feed them because they were running out of food. On Friday, I took a bunch home with another net to transfer them into for space and feeding. On Friday evening I moved them all into their cozy, new home. Early Saturday morning I was up to get Emily a bottle, I took one step into the kitchen and noticed something on the floor. I flicked on the light and {*sigh} there were about 10 caterpillars crawling all over the kitchen! I quickly scooped them up and put them back in their net. Then I noticed some on the counter, climbing the cupboards, much farther away in the dining and living rooms and even one all the way downstairs in the basement! Sheesh! Thank goodness I noticed when Emily found a few before she was able to get them in her mouth or squeeze them too hard.

I fixed up their net to make it more secure, and hopefully escape-proof. No such luck! Through the weekend I continued to find caterpillars here and there. I even found one attached to a thank-you card that eventually went into his chrysalis.

I went to school early this morning to get some work done. When I arrived, the caterpillars there needed new plants to munch on so I started dealing with them. As I walked down the hall to our classroom, I saw a caterpillar crawling down the HALLWAY! Upon closer examination, there were about 5 in the hallway and 10 in the classroom, inching their way around. Once the children arrived and heard there had been an escape mission, they scoured the classroom and found a few more, including 2 hanging in chrysalids from tables and 2 chrysalids in the middle of the floor! Geez Louise!

Things are back under control now and everyone is safe in a place. That is, until the chrysalids around the room start emerging and we have to chase down loose butterflies!

Their new home, before it went into lockdown mode with tape and numerous clothespins.

The first escapee - notice his friends further along the floor.

This guy made down three steps and was headed out the door.

In the bathroom...

The first escapees I found, I thought THIS was a lot. I also thought I had caught them all. Silly me.

In the kleenex.

Now that is talent. Climbing the wall!

When Emily got up there were a couple more out, looking for a challenge. She won, easily!

Point, Emily.

Later in the afternoon, this is clear across the house.

All the way downstairs in the basement on some smelly socks!

This guy hid from me long enough to attach to this card. This is where he remains, in his chrysalis. It will be a nice surprise when he emerges as a butterfly and wakes us up!

I was able to watch this one change from caterpillar to chrysalis! LIVE!

This morning at school, across the room, out the door and two classrooms away from his net!

Sneaky, this guy attached to the baseboard. Great hiding spot!

A chrysalis on a table.

And another table.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Dent Scarcello's Class,

WOW!!! We cant believe how many caterpillars escaped. How long did it take you to catch them? Did your daughter eat one? How many have turned into butterflies? Thanks for blogging about this. We loved looking at the pictures!

Grade 1/2 M
Morris School

Mrs. Dent Scarcello said...

Hi Grade 1/2M,
Thanks for reading our blog post. At home it took me about half an hour to catch them but I kept finding them all weekend long. At school it took us about 10 minutes to catch them. Emily did not eat any (that I know of) because I saw her find them and took them out of her hand. None have turned into butterflies yet. They just turned to chrysalids over the weekend. We think they stay in their chrysalis for 10-14 days.

Anonymous said...

wow that is craze!you must have a craze life.

Anonymous said...

wow that is craze!you must have a craze life.livy!!!