Friday, September 23, 2011

My Awesome Twas

This week at school we started spelling. This isn't the kind of spelling that you study words and have a spelling test at the end of the week, it's called "making big word" and this is how it works. First, Mrs. Dent Scarcello puts a word on the smart board and it is all mixed up like this week it was Millions and she mixed it up so it looked a little like this iiollmns and it looked like  2  3   4    5     6      7+. Then we would find as many words as possible and we where trying to find the big word. After a few minutes where up, she would say "Times up" and we would add up our score and there where awards for our weekly draw witch where first person to find the big word, Highest score, and Most words. I didn't win any but my score was 29.

Another thing was Me, Jada, Emily, Brooke and other people from our class. For recycling club, every Monday after lunch we take everyone's recycling bin and dump it into a bigger one. The bigger ones got dumped into an even BIGGER one. Then the recycling truck picks it up and takes it some where. When we are dumping the recycle bins, we all picked partners and of course, I picked Brooke.

On Tuesday it was the Terry Fox Fun!!! Now now don't get your hope's up cause it was raining and we did it IN DOORS whatever. For the (so it was said) Terry Fox run, we started in a corner and had to run around the gym twice and when we ran around twice we would grab a popsicle stick.Two popsicle sticks would represent one province. so you needed to run around the gym 26 times to run across Canada.

On Wednesday we had to run club in the halls because the weather was poor outside. We ran in the halls for A total of ten minutes all together. I know that I ran a bunch of laps but i didn't bother to count at all.The good thing was that there was a bunch of water fountains scattered along the school. Then at the end we did a sprint.

Last but not least we had Social Studies. In Social Studies we are learning about the history of Canada. So Far, where Just doing paper work on printing the meaning of seartian words in the glossary. I think I'm doing a great job on all of the Social Studies. The best part of Social Studies is Reading in the text books!!! -Peyton :)!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Peyton,
What a great job you did on your blog post! I really like the way you organized your ideas into paragraphs.
I have been enjoying run club as well. It is so nice to get outside and the weather has been great. I like running outside better than in the halls.
Yesterday was the Turkey Trot Run, how did you do? Did you have a good time?
-Mrs. Dent Scarcello :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Peyton
I liked the detail in your TWAS!
I like reading in the text books too.
Did you like the Terry Fox Run?