Friday, September 9, 2011

Reflections of a Grade 5 Student

We have had a great first 2 days of school. For most of the students in our class, this is the first blog we have had so, this is our first blog post! Now that we have spent some time together and started a few routines and activites, we are taking time to refelct on what we think of grade 5 so far and what we hope will come of it.

I hope we get to do some of the times table. Because I like to  learn math. -Emily

I'm looking forward to grade 5 because most of my friends are in my class and we will be doing lots of projects this year! -Brooke

I like my classroom this year a lot because there are a lot of my friends in my class this year! -Jada

I hope we do lots of writting and reading because I like to write and read. -Ashleigh

i liked the first day of school because i got to see everybody and we had gym on the first day. -mason :)

I hope we learn alot about animals because I LOVE animals and alot of them are very cute like dogs and hamsters! -Peyton

I felt sort of short for grade 5 but now I'm getting used to it. -Rachel

I feel to young for grade 5. But I will get the hang of it. -Katie :)

Already grade 5.It feels awesome! -Ricky

I like our class pet Sushi (hes cute) -Jessica

grade 5 feels to soon! -Kayla

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ashleigh,
I like that you want to do lot's of writing. I have heard one of your stories in your writers workshop. That was when you were reading it to Emily and it sounded really good.
I hope we do lot's of reading and writing too. So far we have so i am really happy about that.
Did you finish the book that i let you borrow? Was it good?? Do you have anymore books that you have read and you like them? Maybe if you do i could read it.