Friday, September 30, 2011

My Funky Dunky Twas

This week at school we went to are book buddies on Friday. Instead of reading we painted. Well I didn’t paint, my book buddy Karley painted. She did this cool fall painting. She painted a tree with a couple of leaves. The rest of the tree was branches. It was pretty cool to see grade 1 and 2's paint. I always thought it was so difficult to paint with a paint brush. Especially with wet paint under your arm, so if you put your arm down you would get paint all over your arm.
Also this week at school we played silent ball. You stand on a chair and you pass a ball without saying a word. That why it is called silent ball. If you don't catch the ball then you sit down. But if the other person throws low and you don't catch it then they are out. It is fun to play because you get to stand on your chair. But what if you fall down. You would get a big boo boo:(
This week there was a big run at Birds Hill Park. Some people went but some people stayed. It was only for the people for run club. One girl in are class came in 2nd. That is pretty good for a girl in grade 5. The class was quiet and empty. It was cool though because we had lots of room on the play structure to play because some of the grade 4,5,and 6's went to the run. They called it the Turkey Trot. It is such a funny name.
Last but not least... an experament!!! At school we did a experament that took so long to do. We were trying to form a cloud but sadley it failed:( We got to go in the staff room. Kayla kept on saying there is a secret button for a hot tub because every staff room has a hot tub.YA RIGHT!!! Mrs.Dent Scarcello got a pie plate full of ice. Then she got a jam jar half way full of hot water. Then she put the pie plate over the jar to form a cloud. But all it did was fog up.
Well that is it for my Twas. Thank you for reading it.


Mrs.Malkoske said...

Hi Mrs. Dent Scarcello's class! I've been following your blog since the beginning of the year and I think you are doing an awesome job of blogging you adventures and learning. I was just reading about your experiment and found a video that shows another way to make a cloud in a bottle. It's from Steve Spangler (he's very awesome... you might want to check out his Pepsi and Mentos video too). Here's a link:
Have you done any other weather experiments yet? I look forward to reading more about your year!
Mrs. Malkoske

Anonymous said...


love your TWAS, it had lots of detail. my book buddy painted a cake (as if you don't know.)who was your book buddy when you where in grade 1 or 2?


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

WOW, sounds like you had an exciting week at school.

I enjoy all the colors that fall brings our way. I am sure the paintings were wonderful.

What is your favorite fall color?

-Tony( Brooke's Dad )

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie,
you did a really good job on your TWAS. When we played silent ball i got out because i talked! Oops! What did your little buddy do for the painting??? My little buddy did a tree. Keep up the good writing!!
-Peyton :)

Anonymous said...

Katie, I thought that silent ball was fun too. When we played I caught the ball every time I got it. How did you do?

Nick and his mom

Anonymous said...

silent ball sounded really fun i wish i wasnt at the dentist

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie
you did a great job on your TWAS its really good.
this week i went to the run in brids hill park and i got 15th place,I'v wished you haved jonied. Katie when we were painting with our buddies what did your buddy paint? my buddy painted a fall tree and a bunny runing in leaves.

Your friend - Jada :)

Anonymous said...

hi katie love how you talked about being with our buddies and painting instead of reading.i liked painting with them but i like reading better. my buddies name is emily what is yours?

-Emily-ms mcconnell.

Anonymous said...

HI katie silent ball is fun i got down about half way in the game it is fun how did you do

from: Zack:)

Anonymous said...

Thank_you guys for commenting on my Twas.
Rachel,My book Buddy was Vanessa.
Tony(Brooke's Dad) my favorite color in fall is orange.
Nick an his Mom, I did pretty well,only for the last round,I dident catch the ball because it was to far down.
Jada,My buddy painted a tree with leaves on the ground and falling down.
Emily,My buddies name is Karley.
Zack,Like i sayed i did well.

Anonymous said...

Wow !! September is already over. Time just flew by.Sounds like everyone is enjoying grade5. You have already enjoyed some new and exciting things both in class and out. I hope everyone has a great October.Happy Thanksgiving!!What are you hoping for for your birthday ?

Anonymous said...

You did a good job writing your post.I was one of the people that ran in the turkey trot I came in 7th. I wonder what we could have done differently in the experiment.
Nick M.