Friday, September 16, 2011

My Fun TWAS!

This week at school our class went to library. Then I found out that we now have a couch in library its pink! I picked a book called "dog lost" it is a really good book. I also  had to get a book for my little bro. It is called "Alligator baby by Robert Munsch" you probably heard of it or maybe not?

We also did our portfolio covers. Mine is a wordle about school, subjects, etc. I think mine looks awesome! This year my portfolio's white. Usually it would be black but not this year it's different. I also put a A+ just to make it look better! Wink wink!

All of us in the class were doing the writers workshop. I am writing a story about a girl who wanted a dog i call it "Puppy love" cute hey?! Writing is also my favorite subject i have fun writing. We would always do writing in the morning for daily 5.

In science we are studying about the weather. We also have this temperature chart. And the weather person (its one of the jobs we have) would go on the smart board and search up what the weather is! Ok and this is my favorite part about it is we get to do our own weather video! And we get to meet a real weather girl!

By: Brooke

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brooke
You really did a good job on your blog and your putting lots of details. I like daily five too, samething as you.About the book that your reading I just wan't to ask how many pages does the 'Dog lost' book have?

(Maxel Mae and Mom;)