Friday, September 30, 2011

Quality Blog Commenting

Today we discussed quality blog commenting. A quality comment involves:
  1. Read the post you are going to comment on.
  2. Compliment - Say something nice, leave a compliment related to the post. 
  3. Connection - Make a connection to ourselves or our lives. 
  4. Question - Ask a question related to the post. 
  5. Leave your name, first name only. 
  6. Re-read your comments to check for mistakes.
All comments go to Mrs. Dent Scarcello for approval keeping our blog community more controlled and safe. Our inspiration for this discussion stemmed from our conversations and experiences as well as a blog we follow, Mrs. Yollis' Class. They created a video about quality commenting. I think this is something we will explore next week during our Writer's Workshop in Daily 5!
After our discussion and reviewing how to leave a comment on our blog, we moved to the computer lab so the students could practice. Each child left a quality comment, following our criteria, on one of the posts on our blog. If they had time, they visited our virtual friends over in Mrs. Malkoske's Class to comment on their posts too.
Now, over the weekend, students are going to teach their families about quality commenting and leave a comment on our blog together! On my weekend I am going to teach other teachers about blogging at the MTS Fab Five conference! Mrs. Malkoske and I will be presenting "A Window to the World: Blogging in the Classroom". We will also be presenting two sessions at the SAGE (formerly SAG) conference in October. I am very excited to share the world of blogging with other teachers so that they will be inspired to start blogging with their students. I think blogging is a very empowering experience for children because they learn that what they think and write is important and worth sharing with a global audience.

Have a great weekend!
-Mrs. Dent Scarcello :)

Here is Mrs. Yollis' video:

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