Friday, October 14, 2011

Awesome Plastic Bag Round-Up

Today all the gread 5 class in mrs.dent scarsello class did the plastic bag round up in the class room. Im really glad that we got to do the plastic bag round up.What we are trying to do is get 40 or more plastic bags to make a frisbee for the school.Every 40 plastic bags is 1 frisbee for are the school. There are other schools doing the plastic bag round up. And the school that gets more plastic bags then us gets a plastic bag bench that got ricicled. the whole school gave us plastic bags from stores,home,antys,uncles gramas grampas and any one else you know.We all got up to 2600 plastic bags thanks to the people is birds hill school.The class tryed to gess the closest anser or the right anser to how many bags we got. And the one who was closest was jada was  the closest to the right anser. And what they are doing to the plastic bags is thay are recicleing  them all into frisbees.I hope we can do this a nother time Because it was really really fun to do at school today. We are not done yet, we still need your plastic bags!


Anonymous said...

I got a question. where can we find the video Mrs.Dent-Scarcello made?

Anonymous said...

we got more and plastic bags. We need more and more plastic bags for the plastic bag round up From.Kirstyn

Anonymous said...

It's really good that you are keeping these bags from going to the landfill.

Recyling is a great way to take care of our planet. Keep up the great work!

From, Mrs. Singleton