Sunday, October 30, 2011

This Week at School

This week at school…
In science we watched more videos on YouTube. This time we were watching videos about air pressure.  There was a guy in Mexico and he had a watch to measure the pressure. He was down at sea level and the pressure was… I can’t remember sorry. When he was on the mountains there wasn’t that much pressure because it takes all the pressure away that you had on the beach.  
In Gym we did lots of volleyball. It was about learning how to bump and today we learned how to volley the volleyball. We played different volleyball games. Like: backyard clean up and keep up with a partner. Today Me Matt, Dawson, Nick M, Nick S, And Cam.
In Art we did silhouettes. STEPs: you colour the paper with paint in order yellow orange red purple blue black. Then you let it dry while it is drying you cut out your black shapes. When your picture is dry you glue your black cut outs to your paper and that is it. And that is how you make silhouettes.
This week in Math we did our math quiz. I think I did really well because on the pre-test I got it all right and I studied hard. In math otherwise we did estimates. It was hard because you were always trying to get the right answer. It was different

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