Friday, October 14, 2011

My Fantistic TWAS

This week at school I got taught a new game called Banana grams. Banana grams is a game that 4 or 5 people can play and righ now I’m going to teach you how to play.

Step 1: flip over all tiles and then pick 21 if 4 but if 5 15.

Step 2: say “split” and the game starts and you are trying to make as may word or long words.

Step 3: say you have a Q or a V you can say “ Dump” and put the Q or the V goes into the pile and pick 3 new tiles but you don’t want to say “dump” all the time or you will end up with to much tiles.

Step 4: when your tiles are all gone you say “Split” then you win 
That is how you play Banana Grams

This week we did a french paper on Famous people. You had to cut Famous people out of magizene or on the computer. I cut people out of a magizene and i took Justin timberlake and Karry underwood.
But lots of people forgot to bring in pictures but Brook saved the day because she had a teen magizene so every buddy took pictures from brooks Book. anyway then you had to glue the pictures on the paper and write their names.

This week we started a plasic bag round up. Its when you have to collect all the plastic bags you can.
anyway me and Emily were parters so you have to take a bag and turn it inside out of no food or receipt or in the bag. Then you have to line them up in a row of 10 and Mrs. Dent scarcello puts a tally on the white borad. We have 2600 bags so far then round up ends on October 27 so bring all the bags you can. Adress #3950 raliegh St.

In daily 5 i am so close to be finshed my book on the ipad. My book is about my dog bening a super dog and his real sister Emma. My dogs name is Jumbo and he is a dashound i love my dog. I took pictures of my dog around my house on my ipod i also got pictures off the computer. Also in Daily 5 i am reading a book called Dork Diraies and its number 4. It came out on Tuesday afternoon. I just got it on October 13, 2011 or yesterday. I am really enjoying the book so far and i am on page 55.

By: Jada


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a busy week! I would like to play that banana grams game with you. Didn't you and I see that game at Cole's bookstore?

You sure have collected a lot of bags! I sure hope your school does well and wins the bench.

I am glad you are enjoying your new book, the Dork Diaries #4. I like to see when you are excited about reading.

Love Mom xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jada
Good job on your post you really did a good job putting lots and lots of details and you did a really good job explaining the rules of the banana grams game.We really did a good job on our publishing. I just want to know what is the dork diary book about? and how many bags do you think our class is going to get?

Maxel Mae,

Anonymous said...

Hello Maxel Mae,

I hope we get over 9000 or more i would like to win the bench and the dork diraies book its a bout a teen age girl in school having a ok life it has drama but it really funny